Mother's Love/God's Love


 It tells the biblical story, that two women appeared before King Solomon with two babies, one dead and one alive. Both women claimed that the living child belonged to them, and said that the dead belonged to the other. One of them declared: "Oh, sir, we both slept with our children in bed. And this woman, in her dream, lay down on her son, and he died. Then he put his dead son next to mine while I slept, and he took mine from me. In the morning I saw that it was not my son, but she claims that this is mine, and that the living child is hers. Now, O king, command this woman to return my son to me.The other woman said, "That's not true. The dead child belongs to him, and the living child is mine, but she tries to take it from me. The young king heard both women. Finally he said, "Bring me a sword. A sword was brought to him, and Solomon said: - Hold this sword, cut the child alive in two and give one half each. Then one of the women exclaimed: "Oh my lord, do not kill my son. Let the other woman take him away, but let him live. But the other woman said: -No, cut the child in two, and divide it between them. Then Solomon declared: "Surrender the child to the woman who refused to be killed, for she is the true mother. And the people marveled at the wisdom of that young king, and saw that God had given him discernment. (1 Kings 3:16-28)

After the love of God it is said that there is no love like that of a mother. This is able to give his life so that his son does not lose it or is able to renounce the same child so that he does not suffer. If we analyze the story that I just narrated, we observe the qualities of the vardadero love of a mother and what she is capable of doing to not harm that she loves so much.A mother is willing to give up her rights for the benefit of others. In the story we see how the real mother preferred to renounce her right as a mother so that the little baby would not be bitten in two parts. If we make a comparison between this teaching and the complete work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary, we can say that the love of the teacher Jesus Christ towards humanity can be compared to the love of a mother for her son. Jesus renounced his right as a son of God to bear the sin of humanity and die in a way that did not correspond to him, so that everyone who believes in him would be saved and cleansed of sin.


If we now analyze the position of the impostor mother, we can say that she took an egoistic attitude for her own benefit. She did not care about the real mother's suffering and preferred that they split the child in two, all so that her position and point of view could be repeated, even though she herself knew that the child did not belong to her. Wow, I can say that this is an evil woman, without love and without feelings.The Lord Jesus commanded us to love each other, so I think we should analyze how we are behaving, if we are able to renounce something that belongs to us for our neighbor's sake or if we are selfish and not caring about suffering of others, we lock ourselves in our own ideals and harm the neighbor so that our way of thinking is respected.


Happy and blessed day!
Author: @Daniellozada


I love my mother too. Mother cant leave their child if they live or dead . Mother give us true love

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