I will show you the Faith for my Works!

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The word of God says that if you had a faith as small as a mustard seed you would say to a mountain that moves and she will move, then faith is a powerful weapon for the Christian to achieve goals and do things successfully, but studying a little about this you realize that it is not just about having faith, you must activate that faith through the works and I will be talking about that today, I invite you to continue reading.

Before going on I want to mention the definition of the concept of faith, says the following word of God:

 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  Hebrews 11:1 New International Version (NIV)

 But what is the use of alleging that he has faith, if he does not have works? James 2:14, having faith should be the act prior to carrying out the works, but most people have faith that they can do great things but they do not do them because they are not activated to execute those plans. Many times we want to do great things for God but it only remains in ideas and plans that do not materialize, or the Lord puts in our hearts do things for our blessing but we do not see that blessing in our life because we do not activate that faith. Today God wants you to be active and begin to execute those works with Faith!

But sometimes the opposite happens, there are people who do things without faith, do not believe that they can achieve it and therefore can not do the works. It is necessary to do believing, to do works with faith. See the example of the Apostles in  Matthew 17:14-20. They could not cast out a demon and when they asked Jesus in private why they could not do it, he replied that they could not kick him out because of the little faith they had.

As a testimony I remember that one day, thanks to a word I received from God in a Sunday service of the church, I started one of my companies, at that moment when I received the word I did not have a single dollar, I was a student boy of the university that only had a guitar and a pedalboard of effects and that served in the services of the church. But when I believed that word I started to move in faith as an entrepreneur. I went to register the constituent document of the company, I opened a bank account, I started looking for quotes from office and inventory for the company, etc. And that's how I began to see the project that God himself put together, one by one, great ideas were appearing and the money arrived, customers arrived, the website and became a servant of God's minister, student of engineering in the university and with a successful company in charge of the commercialization and distribution of consumable supplies.

I had faith that God would prosper me and make me a successful entrepreneur and act in faith, and that faith, made the business project a reality. As well as that, I have seen God work greatly in my life, in my family and in the ministry, allowing me to achieve great things, but always believing and with faith that God goes before me and grants me the victory.

So, dear friend, when you do something you must do it with faith and when you have faith to do something, do it! Do not stay alone with the plan or the idea of believing that you can achieve it, just start doing it and you will see how you succeed, because your faith that God will grant you victory and success will help you see it materialized.

 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.  James 2 New International Version (NIV)

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Faith is like muscles, they need to be exercise everyday to get stronger.

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