Fire falls from the sky

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When a people sinks into sin, two things can happen, perhaps by one person who is just and integrates before the eyes of God all the city or the people reach the mercy of God and the other thing that can happen is that it falls fire and brimstone from heaven as it happened with Sodom and Gomorrah and everything is destroyed, but the righteous will be notified before, to leave that place.


He tells us the sacred scripture in the book of Genesis 19, which existed many years ago two cities where sexual immorality abounded. Sodom and Gomorrah, were two cities that in spite of their riches also abounded corruption, adultery, fornication and homosexuality, which are considered as immorality, before the eyes of God who is Holy. The sin was so serious that they committed, that one day two of God's messengers visited the house of Lot, who lived there with his wife, his daughters and his sons-in-law, the inhabitants of the city learned that those two visitors were there. and all approached surrounding the house of Lot, because the whole city, including men and young people, wanted to fornicate with them.


The scripture says that years before Abraham exhorted the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah to turn away from sin, but they ignored it, believing that God could not do anything to them. But the wrath of God was unleashed against this city and was carried away with a rain of fire that fell along with brimstone from heaven. God only allowed Lot and his family to be saved and the day before he sent two men to him to notify him that they should leave that place.

Currently NASA published an article where they gave a scientific and rational explanation to what happened, arguing that what happened there was a cosmic bombardment, because of the disintegration and rupture of a comet, which caused rock and sulfur to fall from the sky . But whether that or not, the physical explanation, as followers of the biblical teachings we believe that God who created the heavens and the Earth can act sovereignly and in any way possible.

Happy and blessed day!


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