BIBLICAL STUDY: Eleazar, David's brave.

The brave of David were a group of men who decided to accompany David before being King of Israel, the Bible said that there were 400 brave men who followed him and that they were going to add one to form a large army, but of these they point out thirty and of those, only three were the bravest, as well as for their courage and dedication, so much so, that they were willing to give their lives for their people and their leader, David, the future King of Israel. These people were not always brave warriors, a time ago, they were ordinary people, afflicted people, with many problems, troubles, full of debt and bitterness of spirit, but who decided to leave everything to achieve victories, led by David who was the anointed of God.

Today I will make a small study specifically about David's brave named Eleazar. The scripture says in 2 Samuel 23: 9-10:

Next to him was Eleazar son of Dodai the Ahohite. As one of the three mighty warriors, he was with David when they taunted the Philistines gathered at Pas Dammim for battle. Then the Israelites retreated, but Eleazar stood his ground and struck down the Philistines till his hand grew tired and froze to the sword. The Lord brought about a great victory that day. The troops returned to Eleazar, but only to strip the dead.

Eleazar was a man of war who followed David, it can be said that he was one of David's best man. This man knew that when he was fighting with the anointed of God he was going to be a great warrior, he would not be known as a failure or a sloth. One day, in Pasdamin there was a camp of Philistines that wanted to face the Israelites. When this camp of Philistines was challenged for battle, the army of Israel noticed that they were soon to be attacked by the Philistines and decided to flee, but Eleazar, who was a brave man committed to David and not to the army, stood firm in front of him. to his leader David.

Something that catches my attention is that while everything was in order and everything was going well, the rest of the soldiers were with David, but when the situation got complicated the Israelites left, fled the problem. These warriors had already seen the abilities that God had given to David as a warrior, they had seen the victories that God had granted to the people of Israel and they still doubted and left David alone before the Philistines. But Eleazar did not doubt, he remained firm and loyal to David. In these moments is when the fidelity of the people is proven, imagine how strong that moment was for Eleazar when seeing that all his companions withdrew, abandoned him at the beginning of the great battle.

Eleazar was confident that God would give victory to King David, stayed with him because he knew that David was the anointed of the Lord and if God had accompanied him to that point, he was not going to leave him helpless before the Philistines. The scripture says in verse 10, that after starting the battle, Eleazar defeated so many Philistines that the hand was stuck to the sword due to fatigue. The almighty God granted him that day a great victory! God himself took control of the situation supernaturally to perform a miracle and grant victory to the Philistines. Just imagine, Eleazar tired and the sword sticks to his hand, sounds like a science fiction movie, but it is something real, something that happened at a point in the history of Israel. An important fact is that in ancient times an iron sword weighed a lot and when a warrior got tired it was sure that the sword could slip and get out of his hand, this did not happen with Eleazar thanks to the miracle of the God of Israel.

Then, the deed says that the troops returned, but they returned to where Eleazar was to collect the booty. At this moment is when I say, wow how hard are they, so there are many people today, when you are in trouble or in a desert many of those who claim to be your friends or companions go away from you, move away, they leave you alone with your problem, but when the Lord gives you the victory, the problems are solved and those "friends" who left you, come to you but to take from the booty, to take and enjoy the additions that come because of the victory that God granted you.Eleazar remained firm and loyal to his King and this is the attitude that God now expects from us. When we run away from problems we are indirectly saying that we do not trust our leader and therefore we have not believed in the God who can do everything. To stand firm is to declare that God will perform the miracle we have so much sought. Currently in the churches we have many Eleazares that God wants to use and we must be attentive with the sword in hand, waiting for the guidelines of our earthly leaders, the anointed ones of the Lord.

So finally I can say that the commitment, firmness and dedication that we see in these brave warriors are qualities that we as Christians need to emulate in order to lead a pleasant life in the eyes of God and see his miracles work in our lives. any difficulty we must be prepared with the sword in the hand, the sword that is the biblical symbol of the word of God, the bible, weapon with which we will win many battles. I hope that these lines have been of blessing, edification and teaching for their lives, happy and blessed day!

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