Impact Of Being Guilty

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Does God ever makes us feel guilty? Than why does humans? What does guilt do to oneself?

Guilt pressures one down, but God never tries to make us feel guilty. God convicts us of our wrong choices and actions. God send his only begotten son Jesus Christ for human sake and to redeem human from their guilt. Whenever we sin we should admit it and receive forgiveness. This is the only way we can be free from guilt. To have guilt it is good. Guilt is something that you know you did wrong. Guilt will make you stronger to remain in the hands of God. How much time one waste to see what they did wrong in the past and feel guilty about? No one is perfect. God has asked us to learn from our mistakes not just think about them and do nothing. Work on the mistake and correct them. Jesus went to the ones that were sick not to the ones that were well.


Guilt will send signal to your conscious to do or not to do the wrong. Guilt will always have question to get the answer whether what we did was right or wrong. You must have heard the saying "No pain..No gain" so without getting hurt we cannot determine to reward ourselves. Roman 4:7, 8  gives us a perfect example of what God says - "Happy are those whose lawless deeds have been pardoned and whose sins have been covered; happy is the man whose sin God will by no means take into account." 

Not to fall into such temptation of Guilt we need to pray daily and trust God to set us free. Praying daily for our weakness will strength us and our relationship with our heavenly father. If you are truly guilty of your wrong doing and ask God for forgiveness and trust in him, you will be set free.

Thank you for reading.

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We are human beings not perfect, we are always going to go wrong, but the important thing is to go ahead and grow as a person, greetings please vote for my comment I would appreciate it very much

I think we are perfect as we are. We all have truth, because universe give you what you think you deserve. If you think, you must work hard, universe will give you hard work. If you think, you are lucky man/woman, it´s true. Be greateful and pick your own life. Be happy!

Very nice thoughts. Thanks for sharing.