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Daily Conversation with God 😍 😍 Giveaway !!

in christian-trail •  10 months ago 

God bless you more my dear sis... 😍😘😘😘 You too sis , I have seen how God works through you..and I'm so excited to be his soldier. 🤗🤗

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God has given us blessed purpose and meaning to our lives hasn’t He? God is working through us diligently, we must strive everyday to keep our eyes upon the Lord and His goodness and loveing intent. As He works and speaks through us, we must witness the miracles that he creates, as He uses our vessels to touch others to come to Jesus. Making friends, with the lost, like He did through me to you. It was all God, not I! He heard your cry, and God showed me your “HELP ME” post, a character drawing with big tears, and it touched my heart ❤️. I actually noticed your post on someone else’s blog, they had resteem it. I noticed your beautiful sad artwork, I’ll never forget it! Then he came to you using my vessel. God has shown me a miracle, I have witnessed it, I’ve watched you grow into this strong loving person that you are know. Filling you up with more compassion and love for others, as well as for Him, I can see it! I love who you have become Ashley, what a beautiful woman! Jesus has told me He loves you so much to, and that you have pleased Him very dearly ❣️ Bless you Ashley, never fear again, God is with you❣️