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A Question for you guys 😍

in christian-trail •  9 months ago 

Thank you sis 😇 💗 so much , you know things are really bad right now. With Internship , I feel like ever since I became more closer to God , my friends are no longer interested in me , and they are all trying to make me feel so bad , every single day , oh sis don't write about this in YouTube, they are there in YouTube and they will see. Yeah that day when you wrote ..that's why I said you came at the right most of the days they want to make me feel bad..they will all be talking and making me feel like I'm not even there.. yeah but then I thought it's daddy in heaven is there with me and that's okay. Then back home , mom still got back bleeding and everything is not okay back home.. but I'm still praying about it. Then sis ❤️ , I was sick yesterday , and full last week.. and today it was so bad..but after I prayed I feel much better. God bless you sis. 😘😘 I'm so happy even if not everyday I come here to find your messages.

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I promise I won’t mention anything that you don’t want me to on Utube, that’s a very good idea not to on U tube. Sweet little sister, please pray for these girls who have to be saved that are hurting you Ashley, because If they where saved, they would not be cruel to you❣️

Thank you sis 😇 💗