Love / Hate !

in christian-trail •  2 months ago

Hello lovely friends ,

It's been quite a while , and today as I was just looking at everything that has happened in my life . I understood , how I handled many situations the wrong way , I understood the best way to be successful is to be consistent and hard-working . I also understand , finally what love actually is.

It took me so long , to find the true understanding of love.. many months ago .. last year around June ... Around that time I was still of the mentality , oh I'm alone and all that.

But then , right now ...this is the first time in forever , whereby I don't feel the need for anyone else...I feel totally contented in being with myself. Just loving myself . That was something I always struggled with ...but now I do truly love me..with God's help offcourse.

And that's why I love this time... I have grown so much over the years...mentally especially.. going through so many painful moments . I never thought I would grow...but I did. God gave me so much strength to handle every situation that came my way.

Anyway my friends if you are interested in checking me out... U can come to my YouTube channel , it's Ashley4Christ .. and u can see what all I'm doing on a daily basis..and even tell me what u would live to see or hear.

Love you guys.

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Nice to hear from you again sis...

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