A Secret reveal today !

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Hey my beautiful friends ,

So guys I haven't told you all , that I was doing something... Well today I am going to talk about that something very briefly.

Before that let me tell you what all has been happening,...so these past few days I have been trying to bring my YouTube channel back to life..so I was pretty busy...hahaha you know I don't really have a camera , so I have to film using my phone..and it was tragedy after tragedy after tragedy ..so today again...haha , so I thought I'll try again on sat... please pray for me guys ...that God helps me in this journey ey...and also for my family... For the stuff that we are going through... Even if I have a channel I won't forget my blog .I think my plan is to write stuff here too...but not like before every single day ...I'll tell you guys after I make a plan.

So the secret...hehe ,

You guys know , that my family has a lot of problems right...so I have been praying and praying, and this journey made me so closer to God.. ( one day I'll tell you guys my comete testimony ) , so one day while I was praying , I felt something in me telling me to fast... Oh guys I'm a person who had fasted maybe when I was so young.. but then I had my IBS , stomach problems , so I basically couldn't leave my stomach empty for so long . So I never did fast really after I became big.

So when that happened , I decided to just fast on weekends , and the second weekend I felt the holy spirit for the first time time..and it was so amazing... And God told me something that day. I will tell you that later... So then I continued praying.. and then later on .. one day again this is were bad back home..and I was just praying , I didn't know what else to do.. and God told me , something's need fasting...and only through fasting some strongholds can break.. and I was like how will I fast...I was just praying to God asking him ,which fast should I do Lord ?

And Lord told me to eat once a day and fast the rest of the day. So I did that ,and guys the results were so amazing , in my spirit , in my attitude , in everything.

I could now see my own faults , like how I used to judge others , or how I used to feel bad about something's what others did..or something..

Anf I needed to change my old ways completely and I feel good really helped me change myself. So today was the last day..and I really felt this was the post I should make .

I felt again that , I'm so Imperfect , but my Lord is so perfect .. and I'm still only learning the Bible..I still have a long way to go.. but I'm happy that God gave me a second chance..and also some good guidance from people here , my family , @lildebbiecakes and brother Rick thank you so much again guys..God bless your family so much.

So when I start my YouTube channel , I am planning to talk about God...because I feel this idea was given to me by him. I had left YouTube for good. But now i am going to give one last try ...for my family and God. So I will post my vedios here too, so you guys can see too and even tell me how I did.

That's all for today guys.. and remember ,

Jesus Christ is same yesterday today and forever , he loves us the same every day, even when we are unworthy..so let's just not give up..

I love you guys so much...stay blessed my real fam 😍💝

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Thank you so much for the gift. It is much appreciated :)


I know it's very little sis ♥️ that post didn't make much..but as I get a stability between YouTube..here and school..I'll come back okay..and try to do what I can.. 😘

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You are so kind :)