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Angel Angels

For the last couple of decades I have had to take a professional trip once every year to the UK, to deliver papers and participate in conferences etc.

Being of British stock myself, I have always looked forward to such ventures. At first, the experience of the UK was as I anticipated. A proud Constitutional Monarchy steeped in history, civil and very easy to get around and get along with the folks there.

But over the past 15 years especially I have noticed a significant change, in England, especially. People are angry, unfriendly and generally out of sorts.

Even my professional colleagues. The reasons are many, but the most significant issue by far is Islamic immigration. The number of people walking around in the UK these days, in Islamic attire, has quadrupled it seems each and every year.

I remember taking the Tube in from the airport one time and besides my two Canadian colleagues who were with me, the whole packed car we were in were Muslims, immigrating in I assumed.

It was uncomfortable in the extreme. Then there was the time I took the train up to Manchester, with a 3 hour stop over in Birmingham to visit a fellow scholar there. I found myself one day surrounded by “praying” muslims in the thousands. It was unsettling to see how they could quietly and yet forcefully shut down a city core.

The UK today is a shadow of its former self. Though she has in her history given birth to democratic nations, like my own, she can no longer command the respect she once did. America now stands alone in the world with the capacity to ensure freedom for themselves and those nations they influence around the world.

She is the only bastion of freedom left, in a world disintegrating into various forms of authoritarianism, autocracy, oligarchy, dictatorialism and anarchy.

I hope President Trump can bring the UK back to its senses, remind it of its history of democratic freedom and help them achieve freedom from the clutches of freedom choking socialism that is the EU.

God Bless President Trump. The only true champion of democratic freedom on the world stage today!


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