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The enemy is after your finances, your career, your family and your life.
Let me make something very clear. Your adversary shows up to kill, steal and destroy the Promise. His attacks are calculated to stop you from manifesting your Promise. Your best offense is a better defense.
"I call you my sons and daughters to walk on the water. I'm holding My hand, I'm reaching for you, walk to me. I'm calling you. I'm calling you.
I'm calling you to walk on the water. Says thy Lord.
Let me caution you. Every day that you waste fooling with the enemy, is a day lost in the Father's presence, manifesting your Promise. The Holy spirit revealed to me that you are going to have to be courageous in this season. The blame game is not going to work. You MUST stand firm and work your faith. The only way out is to allow the Holy Spirit to move and have total control over your life.
I have some good news. The Spirit of the Lord is ready to move on your deep. The Power of Prophecy is the bridge that allows you to cross over into your Promised Land without sinking.
The dreams that you have been having are glimpses into the "absolute"mind of God and provide insight into the plan and vision that God has for


When you dream that you are completely healed, you are operating in the absolute mind of God. When you dream that you are living a debt-free life, you are operating in the absolute mind of God. The absolute mind of God allows you to see the good that God has


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