The wisdom that comes from God


Hello my friends, in this opportunity I want to talk to you about a topic that has been of daily instruction to my life. And I hope it also impacts yours.

Wisdom is a virtue, it is a gift given by God, it is a grace that he has placed on our understanding, so that we can discern wisely and be prudent in everything, so that this grace becomes manifest in each one of us and is notorious the control of the holy spirit in our lives. But if we want to be wise and understood in our own opinions we will be ashamed; therefore let us ask God every day to give us wisdom and allow him through the holy spirit to direct our lives, living worthily as true children of God and being prudent. Showing the redeeming Jesus who lives in each one. (James 3: 13-17)

The true wisdom of man comes from the heart, since, God places it through his word so that we can keep it, full of faith and hope, and thus, we can reach others with what God has given us; says the word that out of the abundance of the heart that speaks the mouth, and how should our hearts be? They must be full of the word and love of God and if we are lacking in wisdom, let us ask him who will give it to us abundantly and without reproaches (Proverbs 4:23). The wisdom that God gives us is not only to preach his word, it is also to govern, to do business, to govern our homes.

The knowledge that God gives is accompanied by the love of Christ that exceeds all knowledge, which the doors of triumph are open to each one of us, because with Christ we are more than conquerors, and from the day that our Lord Jesus Christ entered into our lives were totally changed; the sadness became joy, the pain in strength, the hatred in love that is the greatest gift we can have, because the love of God over passes all the things giving us wisdom and knowledge so that we can overcome all the stumbling blocks and difficulties that the enemy wants to put us; Let us be filled with faith, hope of holiness, love, imitators of Christ and evil can never touch us, let no one deceive us with empty words so that the wrath of God does not reach us but on the contrary we are full of power, grace and glory for the holy spirit of God.

Let us be wise and understood let us put on the armor of Christ, which is our strength, let us pray with the understanding of our spirit, so that our prayers are powerful and effective and can rise before the presence of God the Father and thus we can see the fulfillment of our requests that we have done to the father in the name of Christ our Lord, who is the one who intercedes for each one of us in front of the father.

If we have attained the wisdom of God, we should be obedient to our authorities, our ears being attentive to their advice so that our spiritual life may grow stronger, from triumph to triumph and from victory to victory and our daily life in the same way. As Proverbs 2 says: 1-10

Blessings @blancabonilla

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