Seeking and yearning for God's favor


Before Christ came into our lives we were destitute of the glory of God full of crimes and sins; we walked in darkness in complete spiritual darkness doing the wrong thing doing things that God does not like, example; fornicating or adulterating, drunkenness, lying cursing and perhaps how many kinds and types of vices there were in our lives; we were slaves of sin and all because of our ignorance, because we did not know the truth we were not in the light that is that divine being called Jesus Christ the son of God, our redeemer who gave his life for ours, who was tempted in all but he knew no sin, he who humiliated himself to the utmost, he who died and was resurrected, he who descended and then ascended, and today he is seated at the right hand of the father interceding for each one of us that the only begotten son of God, whom he gave for the love of the world for the sake of each one of us and who because of our rebellions and sins was crucified on the tree, so that through his blood shed on the cross we would be saved because God's desire is that all we come to repentance and we can be saved. Certainly we have believed in the son of God and by his grace we were separated before the foundation of the world and because of that great love we are included in his fold today, for that great love we are today worshiping glorifying, and blessing his name. (John 3: 16-21)

We all yearn for God's favor in our lives, but we have to look for it, we have to make an effort, the word says that the righteous can hardly be saved, so it is not easy. But if we can achieve it and it is walking with Jesus, following his steps holding hands with him, practicing his commandments, obeying in everything, imitating his works because his works are good.

The favor of God has a price but not all the riches that this world has can not be bought, because this is by the grace of God the Father through his son Jesus Christ our Lord.

With his precious blood shed on the Cross we just have to look for it, let's strive like the good athletes who strive to reach their goal in order to win the prize, so we must fight to the end by looking to Jesus Christ who will give us the precious and longed for prize that is the crown of eternal life; we must stand firm against the snares of the enemy of God who walks like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Looking for the opportunity to make us stumble but we will be prepared, we will support the temptation and he will flee from us, says the bible that the wise man sees the danger and moves away so we must be wise when the temptation reaches us and turn away from it so as not to fall into his traps.

We all yearn for that great favor, but it is necessary to seek it with all diligence, with eagerness, with the greatest desire of our heart, fight with firmness, with integrity, with all our strength, with courage because the brave as it is written, are the who snatch the Kingdom of heaven because God looks with favor upon the courageous and courageous. Let us fight to the end with the firm intention of reaching such a precious treasure if we doubt at any moment, because the one who doubts is like the one who builds his house on the sand without any foundation and the breeze or wave comes and knocks it down; But if it is built on the rock that is Christ Jesus, nothing can destroy it. Then we can say everything I can in Christ that strengthens me, brothers and sisters, let us pray and watch so that we do not fall into temptation, we do not give the enemy truce, at no time do we owe him an advantage, preach in time and out of time, fulfilling a duty as a son of God that we are preaching the Kingdom of God and his justice. (Roman 5:18)

With the death of Christ we have been justified, we have been redeemed or bought at the price of blood, he absorbed our sins his blood shed on the cross was the management check that he gave for each life, for each soul that repents believing that in he is forgiveness of sins and that only in him there is salvation, that there is no other and there will be after him that we can be saved because only he has the key to enter the kingdom of God.

With that immense love that I inherited from the father, I give his life for ours he freed us, he rescued us, because we were prisoners we were captive for sin, for our transgressions, but today by the grace and favor of God through blood of the lamb we are free. The chains that bound us to sin were broken because he just died and was resurrected for our justification, let us be simple and humble of heart so that the graces of God will abound in our lives and so we can give testimonies of his glory of his power and of the grace that he has poured out into our lives and in the same way that we have received it, we also give witness to how we have been transformed as our hearts have been changed and how we have passed from darkness to the unfading light of Christ Jesus. Let us live in holiness and prayer so that we do not lose communion with God, we will be obedient to his commandments so that the sinful desires of the flesh, which we had before due to our ignorance because we did not know God, we did not have Christ in our hearts those sinful desires that had us separated from God, are no longer with us but living in holiness every day our bodies are a living offering for the Lord, clean pure of heart, with a good conscience and be our mind as the mind of Christ so that the presence of the holy spirit and the redeeming light of Christ becomes manifest in our lives, shine in every place we walk and where there is darkness that divine light of our Lord Jesus Christ shine with all its splendor bringing liberation to the minds and souls captive by sin and for that we have been called. Because through us that light is manifested because Christ is alive and lives in each one of us, may the name of our God be blessed.

Blessings @blancabonilla

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