Hell or Heaven?

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Hello, good and blessed day, God multiply you in wisdom, love and fraternity among the nations.
First I want to tell a brief history of my life, very summarized, ultra summarized ...
I am a being of 50 years just fulfilled with a new perspective and vision of life. All this thanks to God and the gospel of salvation.
All my life I was the laugh at the family, for being the son of a single mother, I grew up surrounded by good people, wonderful family members (those of my age or contemporaries), I graduated from high school, I had many love failures, I was involved in spiritualism , read metaphysics, witchcraft and more ... I fought to achieve my goals, I did 3 careers, law, computer science and finally Nursing, I only got the degree in Nursing, the other 2, were half ...
I became a santero for almost 5 years, until ... God sent an Angel to rescue me from the dark path I was on, sent my beautiful wife and 5 years ago, I confessed Christ in my heart and today, for his Glory and honor, I'm Evangelist, you fight? Many! I still have them, but that's what it is, to pass and overcome all the processes. Miracles? UFFF ... Heaps, one of them is my 4 and a half year old son, who comes to our lives as a promise of God's love. My wife, I could not have children ... She saved me from death during these 50 years, many times, drowning, accidents, they robbed me and the gun did not shoot them, anyway ...
That's why today, I want to invite you to receive Jesus in your heart.
You want? Repeat these lines: beloved Father, I apologize for all my sins, I confess that your Jesus, died for me, to give me salvation and eternal life. I confess that I am a sinner, but I want to be redeemed and washed with your precious blood, write my name in the book of life and erase it from death, make me that person that you need and want me to be. In the mighty name of Jesus ... Amen.
You have just shivered the heavens, now there is a party because you have confessed the name of Jesus ... In the book of Romans 10: 9, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from among the dead ... You will be saved.
I bless your life and that of your family. God bless you.Dios.jpg


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