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Thank God he's not a man..
The seas would have swallowed us..
The rain would have fell without stopping
The sun will burn us without mercy

Who would have controlled death?
Who would have made the impossible possible?
Who would have Received our praises?
Who would have shown us mercy?


We are but dust, feeble and weak..
Unable to fend or defend ourselves
Unable to make the right choice without tutor
We would have been reckless

Enter the court rooms with trembling and fear
Coming to the realization of God's wonders
His deeds are too great to fathom
Too mighty to comprehend..

How great is his name, the skies were created
The animals were given breathe of life
Humans in all complexity was formed
How splendid the works of his hands

He speaketh and it came into existence
He sayeth and it be
He commandeth and they obey
He ordains and it is so.