WISDOM - THE BREATH OF GOD #wit-aspiration

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Value wisdom while you are young, and you will still be able to find it when u grow old. Carry wisdom everywhere you go and keep it ways with all your heart. Hold on to wisdom and don't let go. Then you will find the peace of mind it gives and it will become your joy.

Wisdom starts when you sincerely want to learn, when you want to know more. To have a quest for wisdom is to love it, only then will you get it. I once said in one of my writings and I quote "it is better to love something than to need it. For in loving it, you get it".

No one can drain off completely the treasures of wisdom. It can easily be found because, wisdom shines night and never fades. When u quicken your attention on wisdom, you gain perfect understanding.

The nature of wisdom is intelligent and perfect. It is a friend of humanity. You can depend on it and it is sure. The Holy Writ says " wisdom is a breath of God's power, a pure and radient stream of glory from the Almighty ".

Wisdom brings you honour wherever people gather. Even though you are young, you will be respected by all. Wisdom raises you to greatness.PhotoGrid_1517767291925.pngsource

Search for wisdom like never before, crave to learn and know something new. Crave for God's Holy Spirit in you. Have the word of God deeply rooted in your heart for it gives wisdom and insight. And have A total fear of the Lord.
wit-inspiration is the combination of both wit(wise) and spiration(inspirational) quotes and write-ups to give you the complete meal for your mind.

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