DEMONSTRATION OF THE WORD-Faith, power and Holy Spirit

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Hello guys, it's @maduprecious and am here with a mind blowing write up that would enlighten your mind towards what in store for you by God.


We've all believed in one thing, which is proclamation of prayers by prophets and pastors. We therefore decorate ourselves with the blessings God has indeed poured on us. But Christianity is not all about ourselves, Christianity is not all about our interest but it's about the demonstration of the raw word of God. What is the word telling you through the Holy Spirit? It's your duty to demonstrate what you have read, and this can only be done by Faith. Indeed, I see the reason the Bible says, its impossible to please God without Faith ,Glory!

Let's demonstrate what we hear God say


Well, it's only by faith we demonstrate the word of God. When Jesus said its finished, do you think he was just saying for saying sake? Do you think it is a mere word you assume to be randomly said in the word? It's time to know the truth.

many use the statement of God's time is the best but I tell you, God's truth is better. When you know who you are and the truth behind your existence on earth, you begin to walk in realm that is not time oriented. Glory!

When Jesus said that statement, he told you that he has taken sufferings, poverty, shame, the power of sin, diseases and he rose with righteousness, blessings, good health, Love, peace and many promises. Thus, every blessing we need it's already in the realm of this world but it is only taken by Faith.

Take your blessings by Faith. You don't need to run from churches to churches, you as a being, do you know you are a miracle? God created the heaven and the earth, do you know how he did it? It's a Miracle!. Therefore, use those miracles that is inherently stored in the seed of Abraham by faith(which is you and I) to get your miracles.

If only Christians knew the power God has given to them to overcome and be blessed, the nation, continent and society in a whole would be a better place.

know who you are by faith


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All this options are dependent on each other. It is only by faith you can reveal the power within you. God has given you and I the power to heal the sick, make the blind see but what happened?why don't we do it? Or rather, why can't we profess that word when God said that he has given us greater power to do manifestation of his glory on earth? Why?
It because we are illiterates of his word.

It's better to know than to be happy because when you have knowledge behind your happiness or any situation, you will walk in his wisdom. We don't have power because we are praying too much, we are talking too much but fail to read his word and listen from him. The true beauty of a Christian is not revealed by prayer but by the actions demonstrated by his word. Jesus kept on saying "it is written" to cast out Satan, he used the word.
What are you doing with the word already sleeping in you? Stir it up! Wake it up, it's morning!
you have the power, take it by faith today.


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Do you know that God can't bless your flesh or body?. God is a spirit and he should be worshiped in spirit. His promises are not fulfilled in you mind, body or mouth, His promises are fulfilled in the spirit. Therefore, it is very necessary to stir up your spirit man, which would make you aware of all that happens around you. The faith, power, and the rest of empowerment is revealed through the Holy Spirit who leaves in you. If He lives in you, would His light be hidden? never!. People would see His glory in your body, your mind because they wear flesh but God promises was fufilled through his spirit. We can therefore demonstrate the word with only the help of the Holy Spirit.

God said that He will pour out his spirit on all flesh. Take note, He said on all flesh, He did not do any seggregation.This totally means, everyone is entitled to the Sport, which can be revealed by faith

The heart was made to love God and have Faith in him. Therefore, if you do not posses the spirit of love, you are not living by Faith.

Lets demonstrate his word by Faith through the Holy Spirit, so that the power given to you for his manifestation may be made known amongst all flesh

If you take a cup of water and put in milk and cocoa in it, it won't be flavored or tasty, because it is not stired up. When you now take a tea spoon to stir up, you taste the tea better. That's is the difference between an unbeliever and a believer.

They both have the potentials given to them by God but one is shinning and attractive more because he his tasty and salty. But for the unbeliever, there is no taste but the spirit is in him(its not revealed due to his decisions on earth)


Thanks guys, hope you were enlightened.

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