First, that he who is faithful in small, will also be faithful in much(by inference) be faithful in much. There are some believers who don't believe in the payment of tithes. There are many who believe but don't pay. God called them robbers and that they are cursed (by Him) Malachi 3:8-12. The reason some people give for non-payment of Tithes and offerings, or even why they don't help the poor is that what they are currently earning is little and cannot be enough. How much less when they pay one-tenth to God, or give to the less privileged. They claim that when they earn more, they will be able to pay and help. When we put the cart before the horse, it will go nowhere If there is any movement at all, it will be backwards. That is exactly what happens to tithe defaulters and stingy people (see proverbs 11:24-26; Luke 6:38; @ Corinthians 8: 6-10). The truth is that anyone who does not learn to obey God in his/her finances when the earnings are low, will be scared to give much to God if and when they earn more.


Let's learn to be faithful from the little we get because it will help us in our Christian race. As you obey remain blessed in Jesus Name.

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