Shaming Prophecy upon Jewish Leaders - Revelations of Christ

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August 2nd 2017, His Eminence, Cardinal Emil Johansson, delivers a scathing message to shame the Jewish leaders of the world, who are guilty of deception and conspiracy, in their efforts to conceal the truth of LORD RA-EL.

Further, he has made a stunning decree, that we will shift our attention from them, to those who have been oppressed by them, and crave the leadership of The Lord!



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These are their last warning indeed!

All of this predicted weeks in advance. Regardless of that fact this is pure truth coming out. They should be ashamed because of the love of the truth is not in them.

A bold decision.

TRUTH coming from one of the Lord's finest saints!

Nice :)

This is a very good stern message directed to the Jewish Rabbis & Leaders.

Well spoken message.

Thank you for writing this article Prime Cleric! Let's spread the message.

And now the end comes

Excellent message.

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