3 Days to Christ's Jubilee

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What will happen on the 10th June 2018?

In the above video, multiple Torah Codes point to the 10th June as the Messiah's Jubilee.

Over 3 years ago, a Torah Code was discovered and published for this exact time period, The Truth Sivan 5778, which occurs from 15th May - 13th June 2018.

The Truth Sivan 5778.jpg

This is also the time period of the release of our Lord's New Kingdom Currency, GODcoin.


This following year is a time to return land to its owner, let the fields rest, and release prisoners. How much more so given the messianic nature of this Jubilee.

It's auspicious for Ra-El, but not so much for those who fail to comply with this decree of the Torah.

I'm eager to know what it is all about. #torahcode is quite an interesting read.

This is very interesting information. I want to try investing in godcoin. Thank you.

Interesting topic, see the advantages investing with Godcoin surely people can be interested, everything depends on the kindness and novelties that can offer this product,
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the useful information about the jubilee on 10 June.

Hashem Lord Lear Yah.

Thank you sir for this informations !!!

I truly hope this is the year <3

Great discovery! It will be interesting to see what is to come!

This will be the most amazing year in history

This year will be amazing!

Good informations !

Good article :) ! Thanks for very interesting information sir !

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Como se aprovechan del señor para sacar dinero....

Matthew 24:5 "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

In Hebrew the word "Ra" translates to bad or evil and "El" translates god. Don't substitute Rael for Jesus. Repent of your idolatry or you will die with your sins and burn in the lake of fire.

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