Get ANGRY! Why haven't you heard about THE RETURN OF CHRIST? READ ON

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So you might be asking yourself this tough question: Why haven't you heard about Christ's return? When he comes back, all eyes are supposed to see him, right? Well, this prophecy was fulfilled but the hard truth of the matter is... most people need to remove their head from the sand in order to do so! DO you honestly think the world powers WANT YOU TO KNOW?

Let history serve as a lesson for what happened to him 2,000 years ago- the religious leaders of the time SILENCED and TORTURED HIM TO DEATH.

The Armageddon Broadcast Network Released "The Christ Cover Up" last year, and boy did it pack a punch of truth! I want you all to check this out.

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Have a blessed day!

Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

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Nobody is capabel of
what the Lord our Savior
Rael ElShaddai Adonai can do ! i bend my knees every day to Him
because He is worthy to be honerd as King and Lord Almighty :)


Love it! Thank you

There is no reason why people should not know by now!

Great production.

Well done!

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Great information and production! Thanks for sharing!

Wauw the video gave me goosebumps from the beginni g till the end. Nice ❤

Thank God. Now, there's work to do!

And they keep hiding this! Wait until their fate is revealed!

I AM ANGRY! When people don't come to the Lord <3 He Loves us <3 Give your self to God!

That is right ..this secret , hush hush is ridiculous. Thank you for sharing the TRUTH again and again. That is what is different about the Lord and his saints. They will not stop until the World knows him as King

I'm so glad Christ Has returned we have videos on this!