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Chozun is the world’s first ecosystem in the field of travel, services and lifestyle, the functioning of which is provided by cryptocurrency, supported by blockchain technology and smart contracts. The ecosystem exists for the purpose of selection and providing travelers with the best individualized local travel and services with the help of AI and patented theories and methods of data analysis and allows users to generate loyalty in numerous verticals in the world.

Chozun focuses on independent tourism market formed by the generation of the Millennium, in particular, caters to the growing number of departing overseas travellers, the Millennials are from China, planning to make the target audience the broader market of Millennials average income from all over Asia and develop into a global participant in the industry.Users can interact with other travelers like themselves and access a special branded bounty. Our list of unique travel experiences — from food and club membership to personal drivers and Spa — is based on the blockchain, which allows users to book their travel more efficiently and cheaply, and providers to get higher profits through lower fees and faster transactions.Existing platforms and points of contact make it difficult to select contextual and individualized tourist impressions about what to do and where to go while traveling. Chozun uses the power of AI and theories and methods of analysis data for contextualization and personalization of experiences and services through a deeper understanding of users and finding those who are similar to them. Chozun creates a “travel team” user, increasing the relevance of the information and processes of selection and makes possible peer-to-peer interaction, strengthening the ecosystem Chozun.The tourism market is becoming obsolete. In particular, the processes of booking travel and receiving information rely on existing centralized implementation. Platforms such as TripAdvisor, Dianping and Priceline are survivable because they control their data in typically commercial ways (through advertising, etc.) that do not take into account the interests of users/consumers, and do not advance in the formation of a better experience for the latter. Such databases are riddled with distorted, fake reviews and overloaded with irrelevant information. In addition, they charge high booking fees and do not reward users or providers in the most profitable way for them.

As Chozun continues to build its global travel and services database, covering a wide range of interests and niches, third parties have the opportunity to use the direct booking and Chozun information as a Foundation thanks to the API provided. Authentication of companies serving a certain niche will be supported by a blockchain that forms further trust between providers and consumers.

Chozun creates a community of like-minded travelers with similar tastes and interests — travel teams. The team makes it possible to access influential travelers and insiders with similar lifestyles, economic advice for travelers, routes and other secrets, allowing you to open cities exclusively with the help of CZN tokens. Connect and join your travel team, create exciting travel adventures and form tourist pools using CZN as the driving force. Brands can create their own bounties, pools, contests and unique limited assets that will exist on the blockchain and be available to all participants of Chozun.Chozun has already received a small start-up capital from SOSV and participated in the Chinaccelerator program. The beta version of its product has already been released on the market. Chozun is growing, listening to the feedback of the first users, and is ready to move the product to a new level. The Foundation for the further development of Chozun has already been laid, and now the company is focused on the implementation of its large-scale potential for further market revolutionization.

ICO Chozun

The distribution of tokens will take place in August 2018 after the ICO. Any tokens unsold during the initial ICO will be retained for resale for a period of at least 6 months (possibly 12 months).Part of the funds collected during the ICO will be used to implement the functionality with the expectation of full integration of tokens and their availability for use on the platform by the end of 2019. : vismirn, [email protected]

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