Ultimate Fighting Goes to the Next Level - Key & Peele

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Hey, as far as I'm concerned, this Saturday night there's not even going to be a fight. I'm going to mercy kill this old man. Derek is very good person, but soon he will learn manners. I will torture his body so that he so learns to be humble. I'm going to dance around him while he's trying to hit me with his cane. Old man. God chose me for this fight. God is the teacher. Derek is the student, and I am God's instrument. When I squeeze your lungs, Derek, and you beg me for life, then your heart will open up to the Lord. I'm going to knock him out round one, bitch. Wait, what did he say again? He said God chose him. That doesn't even make sense really. When you eat through plastic tube, when you are paralyzed from neck down, then your family will gather around your hospital bed to see the new Derek. Okay, he know we just talking here, right? I mean, we just getting people interested in the fight. Because I'm sorry. Is this crazy? God's lessons are so beautiful. God's lessons are beautiful. I'm sorry. Who put this fight together? This is a ... Well, if y'all got a actual crazy person for me to fight, well, that's not fair to me or him. What you mean you can't find him? Well, where is he? Yo, man, where my manager at? Steve, how's that- .

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While I do not like Jordan Peele's politics, I will say he runs a smooth film set. I was a featured extra in Get Out. And it was nice to see someone operate a film set with calm. And he was actually a nice guy all around.

Caught a little bit of the Key & Peele show. And they seem like they enjoy bucking perceptions. Makes me wonder why they do not vote independent and are critical of Trump. Their comedy comes off as if they are free-thinkers.

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