Want, need, have to

in chore •  2 years ago 


I’m catching myself out these days, when I use such terminology as “I want to…”, “I need to…”, “I have to….” - well, actually only when I say the latter two there, the NEED and HAVE TO.

Because with the WANT TO, it is evidently lol, something I genuinely WANT to do, not that that WANT is always something that is what is best, so that shows me that I must be aware of when I say I WANT to do something, as well as when I say I NEED to do something/I HAVE to do something.

Like when someone asks me what I am doing tomorrow/something along those lines, and I can of course just say the thing without the WANT/NEED/HAVE TO, but I’m sure as you all know, when it is perhaps a type of what we see as a ‘chore’ or something we don’t WANT TO as much do, we may use I HAVE TO…or I NEED TO….

Things for example that I see yes, as ALL things lol, require time, dedication, effort, patience perhaps, persistence perhaps, and I see that these things are what are helpful for all, myself included. BUT, even I see here a red flag, because this example I am speaking of is ‘moreso’ for others.

But that should not mean a thing to me. Help, assistance, support. I mean, if that is what I am doing, or any are doing, then there should not be any questioning.

I commit myself to WANT to do everything in my life, so that I can change it from a ‘force’ to an ‘enjoyment’ and an ‘appreciation’ and an ‘understanding’ and an ‘embracing’.

I commit myself to WANT to make money to benefit myself, others, to live, survive, enjoy, embrace, evolve, change.

I commit myself to WANT to assist, support, because I want everyone to be treated equally and this thus is my action/example of that equality.

That’s all for now, I’ll see how I go living this WANT in my life.


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