DRUMOPERATOR now streaming Minimal Techno and Modern Soundtrack/Ambient on CHOON!

in choon •  7 months ago

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Choon is a new blockchain-based music streaming service that I see as the "Spotify" to DSound's Soundcloud. While DSound continues to be the strongest community in blockchain music, Choon has a certain slickness and Spotify-ish immediacy to it's interface that makes me feel like it has real potential for mass adoption. It definitely is in a beta state, but is speedy on delivering tracks and browsing through who is active in the blockchain music world. Many of my favorite Steemit artists have built a presence there and it is definitely nice to see some of the hardest working folks I know getting to a platform early enough to be recognized for their efforts!

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I've got a curated list of some of my favorite electronic soundtrack and minimal techno tracks I've made as Drumoperator up for free streaming. Feel free to follow along, as Choon has some pretty outstanding social elements that will be dropping soon and I'd love to keep my audience in the loop. Many thanks and infinite gratitude to @juxtamusic and the entire @musicvoter / ACR team, as I'd never have discovered this totally rad new music hosting outlet without their guidance. Can't recommend getting involved with these folks any faster if you are a musician interested in what is possible on the blockchain!

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Alright dude you have convinced me that I need to get on Choon. Can anyone tell me how much one Choon token is worth?


It is not tradable on an exchange yet so the price is very much TBD. Initial ICO round (which got cancelled midway) was 10k NOTES = 1 ETH.

Looks like I'm going to have to give Choon a shot. Could be interesting.


You certainly should! The sooner the better as streams will be worth less and less over time for the first few years.

Thank you very much for your kind words.

You know I love your music and you are exactly the kind of independent musician AtomCollectorRecords.com was designed to help!


Thanks friend. It’s an incredible resource and the community has been incrdibly helpful for not missing out on new opportunities!

Great choonz, followed you there


Thanks dude! Seen you around ACR, followed you back on Choon!

That's a good info!


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