"Chocolate Paradise"

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You will not believe, but everything on these photos is made of real chocolate!
As part of my trip to Carpathians we drove to one of our most famous ski resort Bukovel. Came across here such miracle store to Go there just so unreal! Especially for those who loves sweets!
Welcome guests shelves of rusty tools.

Then there are the shelves with all sorts of plates and sweets is an exclusive handmade.

Now the most dangerous test - pass counter with candy))))) by the Way, they also prepare manually the chocolate hand-made.

That's such a wonderful shop)))


It all looks so tasty :)

Lovely. Thank you for posting information regarding this very special shoppe. Would that the horseshoes could be 3D printed and be savoured with an afternoon tea. Cheers.

Riquisimoo todos

So iritated that I resteemed this post.

ah that sucks. >< i've liked stuff to learn hours later it was copied. But a resteem is tougher to get over. Well, don't let it discourage you from resteeming just vet a resteem the way you would your own work. lesson for all.