The faithfulness of God


God's faithfulness is great, his promises are irrevocable, his word has no variation; but if it has continuation because he is eternal and also his word, his promises are eternal. Because he is a living God who has no beginning or end, he is the God who made the heavens and the earth and all things by him were made the only true God who keeps the covenant and fills favors to those who they love those who are faithful to him and keep his commandments, but he is also a jealous God who corrects us at a certain time when we deviate from his purpose, but the most important thing is to recognize and accept the correction obeying her so that the grace of God is not lost in our lives, but on the contrary every day becomes more effective in each one of us; because whoever obeys God considers him faithful; and if he corrects us, it is because he loves us.

We are a seedbed chosen by God before the foundation of the world and we were in his mind that is infinite and we were in his purposes; only that we must remain faithful to him and to those whom he has placed as head over the churches; we are a seedbed that if we remain faithful to the tree, which bears fruit at all times, we can achieve great things because God is faithful and rewards the fidelity of man; and as children of God that we are, we have the faith, the hope, the conviction to receive from God all that we desire. God in his promises is committed in his own word to give great things, great benefits, great blessings to his people and that people are each of us, for those blessings we will have as long as we are faithful to our God.

We will always have the conviction that your favor will reach us at all times, allowing our plans to be made according to their purpose.

Blessings @blancabonilla

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