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This TV drama has completely turned my world upside down. I started watching it in the last week of November and I became completely hooked, instantly. This Chinese drama transported me back to my High School days. This show perfectly depicts the mundane stories and feelings that every highschooler undergoes. The puppy loves, the crushes, the first loves, the friendships, the camaraderie, the relationship between students and teacher, the heartbreak and heartache, the peer pressure, the exam pressure. Everything was in it and I loved the run of the story.

The show overall is such a feel-good drama that I cannot help but get sad because the ending is coming. Although all stories come to an end naturally, this show just rooted its core to me deeply and I have grown so attached to its characters, it's hard to let go and move on.


What I Loved About it

  1. The characters were perfectly portrayed by the casted actors. I love the chemistry of the main characters. There were lively and cheerful and they portrayed the friendship that everyone will want to have. I pitied Wu Bosong as he was a great second male lead. He cares for Chen Xiao Xie so much that he was willing to give her everything. The love story of the second main leads - Lu Yang and Lin Jing Xiao was very lovable. And then there's Jiang Chen (whom I love so much) and Chen Xiao Xie. Their relationship bloomed as the series unfolded and seeing how Jiang Chen slowly fell in love with Xiao Xie and realized that he was completely smitten by Xiao Xie was so sweet. His secret gestures may have gone unnoticed by our female lead role but the audience just fell in love with him more and more.


  2. The nostalgic plot. What really makes a TV series great is the heart of the story. The plot. The happenings of each episode and the climax where the audience just go all nuts about it. And I think A Love so Beautiful has this secret ingredient. It has a simple and nostalgic story but the way it was executed was superb. You will just want more and more as you finish watching each episode. The story in each episode is not dragging and contributes more and more to the thrill and excitement as each one comes to an end making the viewers want to watch the next episode immediately.

  3. The characters' growth. The growth of each character in the entire run of this series is incredible. The transition from high school to university to adulthood was executed flawlessly and it was really, really good to see the characters mature. The character development of Jiang Chen and Xiao Xie were the most amazing thing to watch because I felt how there were some things about them that I could relate to. Episodes 19-21 were bittersweet but it keeps you gripping to know what will happen next. It was just incredible.

  4. The Official Soundtracks of the drama. Another thing that will make a drama even greater is having a remarkable soundtrack that fits perfectly well with each scene and A Love so Beautiful has that. Whenever I start an episode, I couldn't help but sing along to the intro song and later immerse myself with Jiang Chen's vocals as he sings the ending song.

5 The happy ending. I'm a big sucker for happy endings. And even though the English subtitles were not yet released for the last episode, that didn't stop me from watching the raw video. I couldn't understand a thing about what they were saying but I can feel the emotions throughout the episode by their gestures and facial expressions. And when the last episode came to the end, my heart was just full of joy and of butterflies.


This is a beautiful show that I think every one will love after watching it. I am having the worst withdrawals because I just can't get over it. I love it so much, I'm sitting in my room just re-watching the series over and over and over again. I have so many favorite scenes and because of it, I even edited my own videos. Ahhhhh, I hope all of those who will stumble upon this blog will find the time to watch it. I promise you, you will not regret it!

You can watch it here: http://4udrama.com/formats/dramas/a-love-so-beautiful.html
My twitter: https://twitter.com/renalexis01

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