How to draw a little chic, which Sichuanese Chinese Story

in chinese •  2 years ago

This is a little drawing with a story I learned while very young that stuck with me all through out my life. I probably learned this some time in grade school 1-3, and it's a popular rhyme for kids of Sichuan Province. I hope I do it justice. Since then, this is how I draw chickens. Thanks for watching.

The story goes in Sichuanese:

从前有个二流子, 不好好学习,考试得零分, 被妈妈打了三棒棒。
他眼睛股, 嘴巴一(壳), 咕咕咕的跑到学校
到了也被老师打了三棒棒, 气的他双脚跳。

Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

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