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in china •  3 months ago

Russia? China? It seems everyone is tapping into the American government.

It now appears that Hillary Clinton's private email server was hacked by, not Russia, but China. A Chinese firm with a location in Washington DC hacked her server throughout most of her tenure as Secretary of State. This gave the Chinese real time access to her emails.

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Talking about the pot calling the kettle black. The American Government hacks every other country they possibly can with impunity and have the Gaul to be offended when others do the same. At least the Chinese don't pretend to be innocent. The American government is a joke and probably the biggest terrorist organization this century. Spying on every citizen domestic and foreign. Storing that information indefinitely should a need arise to use it. Forcing all employees who sign a secrecy act into a life of lies. Creating a bill to protect whistle blowers yet in the last line making it impossible for any government employee to actually become a whistle blower without the threat of imprisonment.

Sumthin' seemz ~shadie~ to me!



LOL @lanceman I remember when Clinton's term was up. They tried stealing belongings out of the Whitehouse and were stopped. These folks have everything so I don't know why they have to steal.

The other thing that cracked me up but was legal. Is while they lived in the Whitehouse they would rent out President Lincoln's bedroom. crazy stuff.

A one up for Putin!

I wonder if Clinton is using encrypted emails or know how to use encrypted emails while her emails are often to be target of the popular hackers!

But I thought she had a secure server in her bathroom. lol

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I'll be happy when she's in prison where she should be.

Thanks for the info!


I wonder if the hacking led to the attack in Benghazi since Ambassador Stevens had emailed Hilliary begging for more protection. Perhaps the terrorist were fed information about the weakly defended American presence by the hackers.


Excellent point.

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