SOEs, First Army of China, The R army of China... the dream :)

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SOEs !!! I love SOEs, with SOEs we can manufacture from the first to the last and R army of China... take great care of them, they are the most valuable corps in China...

So, how are the summer progress of the First army of China (the concept is the most advance gears in all aspect, protos, R&D, and new) ? what's new? Space based, terminators, "zergs", lazers, rail guns, energy weapons, everythings !!! this is the no limit army :).

Now the R army of China, this my favorite... the goal is to take the oldest weapons of all the armies of China and Recycle them in public gears of the first army, to upgrade the others armies faster. The objective of the R army of China is to be able to move the entire supplies to the standard of the first, and when we reach parity with the first, it means we have a technological plato. Will we ever reach it, only time will tell...

Now one gear I really like from the us side, is the automatic howitzer... Have you seen it? It's nice, but we need an EMP resistant one :) so maybe the manual will always be more resilient :). So how is the Chinese land based long range artillery going? I like it because it's cheap to use and very excellent to splash SF, Delta and other pedo protectors... ahh and integrating it with air transport, vertical landing and take off, to get better mobility... the things is that the ground provide the necessary buffer for a certain velocity :). on air we will go in reverse :).

Concerning the Stealth... I believe that with array of lenses, using simply visible light any fake visible air plane can be seen, coupled with high def sat and AI it should be possible to monitor the entire childrapistfleet. And at night they have exhaust... it's visible :). So yeah, I firmly believe that missiles, can beat all manned aircraft, and unmanned classical propolled drone... it's a question of G for humans... missiles... just lool at the idea of getting blackedout...

another option I like, is missile seeker, aka they fly in round around a battlefield, and as soon as childrapist airplan is spotted by the sensors or humans or the missiles, it seeks ... boom :).

finally it's not because we are gonna win this war, that we should be careless, I am happily to not be executive in this operations, I am too unserious for such serious task, what I am trying to say, be careful, plan well execute better and correct errors, there is no shame to produce a brick, it can have other use :), it just important to know what it is really capable of...

the march foward continues, what a perfect expression... the march... steady, but along the way, we will have to kill all childrapists of jewish origin or controlled by them in what is refered as Zato (or Pato) and that Israel will have or be annihilated or subjugated. As always in doubt, or constraints, wipe. Even if the Khans ways is always totally appealing, aka simply wipe... aka kill them all, in grease, bones and flesh harvest, ash it and flatten it, next.

Ahhh and the conquest of Australia ! I am really serious about it ! it would be the perfect expand !!! and an excellent access point to the south pole :) a win - win... and I think it compensate way more the loss territory to the russian, of course a big chuck of north of mexico is in the radar... but let's be modest... the autralian expand is going to be a great addition to the south china sea defense system :).

and a domestic question, where is the poorest +100k mini city in China? what is going on there?

and as we are about project, I always have the project to create the central exchange of china, in the center of the country in a non arable land... I don't know what to trade there... just important, like they do noobishly, one in nyc (tsunami, submarine nukes) and one in chirak... but for us something more complex is necessary :). I am already ready to be impressed :).

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