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in china •  8 months ago

That great moment when someone decides in the most wonderful way to stick it to self-righteous twats that think they can declare a special themed week in a city of a country that they are not even citizens of. Going to a foreign country and giving yourselves the authority to approve of special themed weeks? Fuck that. It's nothing but colonisation for cowards.

I can pretty much guarantee that zero Shanghainese people give a fuck about ‘vegan week.’ Nor do most of them even know anything about it because they're all doing other stuff that is much more important than teaching English at private training centres or effectively working for free as architect interns. The only Chinese people that could ever care about a vegan week are the foreigner groupie sluts but I doubt that they usually fuck the soyboys because they’d sooner take a proper sexpat dick and a hamburger at Blue Frog any day.

Bloody laowai hipsters, I would actually approve of racism towards their sort. In fact, racism is what they need and fully deserve. Laowai hipsters segregate themselves away from local communities and avoid integrating in pretty much exactly the same way that third world immigrants in Western countries do. Mind you, the average laowai hipster loves to defend such people because deep down they know that they are becoming the white middle class version of that kind of third world migrant; an economic migrant that will probably contribute very little to the country that they are moving to. Their migration to China will only ever serve to benefit themselves (as they were probably unemployed back home) and possibly a private training boss that exploits the fuck out of them.

They will refuse or fail to learn the local language, maintain their own customs (such as getting drunk every night and talking excessively loudly in coffee shops) oblivious to the fact that they may make indigenous people feel uncomfortable and will force their way of life upon others by setting up shop in the local area and establishing businesses that mainly target fellow laowai. One could argue that the 'Breakfast Champion' account represents a business of such a nature. But let's face it, they're targeting the more productive and valuable types of expatriate and offering what locals may consider to be an interesting, exotic, novelty product.

Foreign vegans however, are treading where they are never going to be truly welcomed. The average Chinese person loves to consume meat and they will forever continue to do so. This trend is often repeated across Asia, yet when those hipster cunts go backpacking, you get the same shit:

Ask any vegetarian who's been to Asia about the food and they will tell you something along these lines: "I told them I was vegetarian and they offered me chicken" or: "I ordered vegetable noodles and they came with bits of pork in the broth"

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/mar/05/vegetarian-food-tour-in-shanghai

It remains unclear how big a thing this 'vegan week' really is and who actually acknowledges it. Yet, Breakfast Champion still deserves a round of applause for telling the hipster cunts to get fucked in a way that they would totally understand.

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Cool stuff... I always thought the push from veganism is because the socialists want to sin tax it like in america and other countries now.