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China is a great place to visit the country. The old town, jungle, temple, rice fields, hills and wonderful waterfalls seem to have been made by an artisan design made by the country. 700 years ago, through the writings of explorer Marpanolo, China is known to the world. The largest country in Asia is the symbol of strange and mysteriousness. Today we will know about some of the remarkable places in China.

  1. China's wall
    The world's longest wall 'The Great Wall of China' is the symbol of China. It is the unique architecture of ancient defensive architecture. Surrounding the hill built on the hill is quite rugged but enjoyable scenes can be enjoyed. This is one of the seventh wonders of the world. It extends from China's east coast to the western border. Its length is 5000 kilometers. But the most consolidated and protected part of this wall is located near the capital Beijing.

  2. Terakota army
    Terracotta army or terracotta figurines were under the soil of 2000 years. In 1974, farmers opened the archaeological site through excavation. In 1987, it was recognized as the World Cultural Heritage. These statues of hundreds of soldiers from 475 to 211 BC are significant. Because they played an important role in forming united China. There are 8000 statues of statues that appear to be alive and have 130 chariots. The face of one of these statues does not match. There is no way to get surprised by this building skill.

  3. Banned cities
    This city of Beijing was known as 'City of palaces' where ordinary people could not enter. The palace was the residence of the emperors of Ming and King and Pooi dynasty. It is built in the 15th century. The last emperor left the throne in 1912. It is surrounded by a walled complex and trench. It is the world's largest complex palace. It has been said that there are 980 buildings and 9999 rooms. Seeing the crowd of this place, it is understood that Beijing's most popular tourist area.

  4. Li River
    Li River in Guilin touched the heart of artists. Chinese painters and poets are inspired by its natural beauty. The 83 kilometer long section of Li River between Guilin and Yangshu is the most beautiful. Excellent mountains, cliff bunds, villages, land and bamboo parks along the river make this region unique. In the United States National Geographic Magazine, Li River is kept in the World's 10 Watermark Wanderers list.

  5. Giant Panda
    China travel can be unforeseen if the pundas do not go to see. Chengdu city in Sichuan province of China known as Giant Pandar Hometown. There is a chance to see this cute tree very close to the natural environment of the Chengdu Pandya Breeding and Research Center. There are about 80 pandas in this area. Chengdu Panda Center is located north of the city. There are many panda at Baihengexia Panda Base. You can go to the Pandits by participating in the Volunteer Program at Dujiang Panda Valei and Baihengoksia Panda Base.

Other tourist attractions in China are - the Potala Palace in Lhasa, which is the symbol of Tibet, the bund of Shanghai, which is known as the international architectural symbol, Victoria Harbar, West Lake of Hangzhou, which is known as the Land of China.


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