China’s most mysterious three tombs, countless treasures, but on dare to dig.

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The history of robing tomb is longstanding, it is no exaggeration to say that the history of robbing tomb is long as the history of China. Rob tomb, make the survivors uneasy, the decedent restless, rob tomb would be punished by death in dynasties of china. But why it is still repeated?Men will die for wealth, as bird for food, the reason is nothing more than those treasures which was buried with the dead.

There is an old saying in Chinese archeology, “Ten tomb, nine empty”, the nine has been the the ancient Tomb of the evacuation, the one refers to some special mausoleum, due to a variety of reasons, the robbers have no way to steal, and to be preserved so far.

Let us look at the most mysterious tree mausoleums in China, although numerous treasures in every legend, attracting countless people to explore, but for thousands of years, no one can succeed.

1.Can not find - the tomb of Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan is an outstanding politician and military strategists in the history of the world, not only in China he is known, even in the world he is also famous. He built the Mongolian empire across the Eurasian continent, the largest land area of more than 45 million square kilometers, more than four-fifths of the whole world. He almost became the symbol of the empire and conquered.
In his life of expedition, Genghis Khan acquired numerous treasures, after death, his descendants held a very special funeral for him, buried the particular character in the history of the world.

In the legend, when Genghis Khan buried, for the sake of confidentiality, the real place did not leave any buildings and grave mound. After buried, the place had been tread by thousands of horses. In order to seek afterwards, a small camel will be killed in front of its mother in the day of burial, sprinkle its blood on the cemetery. Wait until the spring of the second year, the cemetery has no difference with other places in the prairie. Only can be found through the family affection that mother camel give to her small camel, but after the mother camel died, no one can find the cemetery of Genghis Khan.

In legend, Genghis Khan’s tomb buried a variety of treasures obtained by conquering dozens of countries, even more than the number of Qin Shi Huang mausoleum. For hundreds of years, countless experts and scholars, had tried to find Genghis Khan’s real tomb, but unfortunately, only found a few suspected locations after using a lot of manpowered and resources, it is inconclusive on the real location.

2.Hard to dig - Wuzetian Empress Qian Mausoleum.
Empress Wuzetian is the only orthodox female emperor in Chinese history. Although for a woman, but her performance of the governor was not weaker than any other emperors of the Tang Dynasty, strong national strength, strong national strength, economic prosperity, and laid a good foundation for the later “Kaiyuan governance”.
After Wuzetian died, she was buried with Tang gaozong in Qian Mausoleum. According to legend, the geomancy of Qian Mausoleum was selected by famous physiognomist of Tang Dynasty, it can be described as a treasured place.

In the history, Qian Mausoleum encountered numerous small tomb rob, and three times of large scale, but did not succeed. Perhaps it is that the excellent geomancy protects the mausoleum from being excavated.
The first time is in the end of Tang Dynasty, Huangchao led four hundred thousand rebels, dug a deep ditch more than 40 meters in the Qian Mausoleum, but can not find the entrance of the tomb.
And later, due to the counterattack of the official army, Huangchao was forced to withdraw troops. So far, in the main peak of Liang mountain, there is still a deep ditch known as the “Huang Chao ditch”.
The second is in the Five Dynasties period, Wen Tao led his army to dig Qian Mausoleum, Wen Tao was quite powerful, dug up all the 17 Tang emperor tomb, but ran into a wall when arrived in Wuzetian, Wen Tao used tens of thousands of people, but encounter storm when go up the mountain for three times, while withdrawing troops, the weather turned fine immediately. These strange thing made Wen Tao give up eventually.

The third is the early years of the Republic of China, the KMT generals Sun Lianzhong, in the guise of protecting Qian mausoleum, hoping to explode it through gunpowder. But in the half way, black smoke appeared suddenly, and wind everywhere, sand and stone flying, Sun Lianzhong was scared stiff, left soon with his troops, and ultimately did not succeed.

3.dare not dig - Qin Shi Huang mausoleum.
Qin shihuang is the first emperor of china who unify the ancient china, also the first person called the emperor. He commanded operations for building a number of world famous miracle building, Qin shihuang mausoleum is the most famous one of which.

The scale of Qin shihuang mausoleum is extremely large, the design is perfectly and complicated. Take the underground palace as the center, surrounded a large number of subordinate tomb, like a huge underground palace. Terracotta Warriors and Horses only as the subordinate tomb, was listed as the world’s eighth largest miracle, and the core of the mausoleum - underground palace, the shock of which has been unable to imagine.

Although the periphery of Qin shihuang mausoleum had encounter destruction and theft many times in history, but evidence of recent years indicate that the core underground palace has not been stolen.
Over more than 40 years since the discovery of Qin shihuang mausoleum, china has not raised the plan to dig. On the one hand, about the mysterious legend of Qin shihuang mausoleum, there are still many mysterious which have not yet solved; on the other hand, China government has no full grasp to ensure that it will be properly protected after digging. In order to prevent irreparable damage caused by rush mining, the underground palace of Qin shihuang mausoleum has only been protected, dare not dig.

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