Three weeks in China

in china •  last year

China is a beautiful country with many attractions, areas, a lot of nice food and friendly people. Below are some pictures of my trip. Enjoy!

The trip started in Beijing where there was a lot of haze, so in other words a lot of pollution but nonetheless very fun. We visited the famous Mao picture and temple followed by a trip to the Olympic park and of course the great wall.IMG_5505.JPGIMG_5506.JPGIMG_5514.JPGIMG_5528.JPG

After this we took a bullet train which has a top speed of 320 km/h followed by multiple flights around the country from Guilin, Zhangjiaje which is where avatar was featured, multiple old Chinese villages and Tianmen mountains where we walked over glass walkways and I shit myself. We ended our trip in Shanghai. More pictures below including some traditional Chinese meals!

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