Contemplate red rice terrace in China

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Far 250km from Kūnmíng City- the metropolis of Yunnan in West- Southern, Dong Xuyen is a peaceful countryside with the most magnificent red rice terraces in the world.




Land on all fields of Dong Xuyen has brown- red colour by the abundance of copper and iron. Because Yunnan has hot- wet climate, iron in land passed strong oxidation and bringing natural red lands.



Every year, in the spring, when fields are preparing to step in a new season, many tourist and photographers come here to contemplate red rice terrace. On the mountains, before local people start cultivate and sow, the harmonization between red colour of land, green colour of rice and yellow colour of buckwheat makes a splendid and highlight picture in the sky.



Existence of the red rice terraces of Dong Xuyen has just explored in first years of 1990s, when a Chinese photographer accidentally comes here and photographs amazing sceneries. Firstly, he kept the pictures in secret, and then many people passed difficult ways to come here to take the most wonderful moments.




The two most wonderful times to contemplate wonderful rice terraces are the middle of May and October. The middle of May is rainy time, tourists can contemplate rice terraces in cloud and fresh colour. If going to Dong Xuyen in the middle of October, the strange rice terraces will bring romantic beauty in serene autumn.


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