China – the beginning of the Silk Road

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The Silk Road is the main road for connecting trade, culture exchange and religion of Chia to mysterious West Asia and Europe.
With the idea of follow the steps of ancient businessmen on East – West route, National travel office of China at Singapore will guide tourists to explore the mystery of the Silk Road with the itinerary: Xi’an – Louyang – Dunhuang - Xinjiang that the ancients created.

Our journey starts with Xi’an– where the Silk Road begins. You will have the chance to explore this 3,100 year-old city where crypts of terracotta Army from the Qin Shi Huang was excavated and majestic Great Wall stands tall.


Next, you will explore Louyang City – the capital of 15 Chinese dynasties and the birthplace of Tang poetry culture or peony which stands for peace and prosperity.

The following destination of this journey is Mogao Cave – Dunhuang located in Gansu which is far from the Northwest of Xi’an 932 miles. This cave contains 492 Buddhist pagodas and they were all built by traders and passengers from all over the world. That is why this place is like the crossroad of religion and culture. The pagoda is like a sculptured work art on the wall with the age of more than 2,000.


The journey will take you to Xinjiang – where famous for golden rivers, flower fields, the sheep and year-round snow mountains. Coming to Xinjiang – China, you will be amazed by its wonderful natural beauty.

Tourists can see Tarim River with picturesque scene, yellow and red leaves carpets, pure green lake water. Moreover, you can explore the fantasy of Taklamakan Desert, which is one of 15 largest deserts in the world with a combination of sand and snow.


The Silk Road is a journey that means a lot to history, culture and it is an attractive road that tourists can’t miss when visiting China.


China is such a magical place ✨

Beautiful picture and place also

Nice post, brother.

have a good day

great china

I have always wanted to visit the countryside of China. I'm not so much into big cities -and I know China is developping very fast - but would like to see the lands among rivers and mountains.

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