Can China's radar track the US F-22 stealth fighter?

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The latest report pointed out that China is stepping up anti-stealth radar research and trying to achieve detection and tracking of new stealth fighters in the United States.

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As early as a few years ago, China began to spread that "China's anti-stealth radar found and locked the F-22 stealth fighter over the northern coast", which was considered to be propaganda. On December 24 last year, Wu Jianqi, a stealth radar detection expert and a scientist of China Electronics Technology Group, confirmed in a speech that China has used the Mibo radar to achieve long-distance continuous tracking of the F-22, but there has always been a low elevation angle. The blind area is large and the precision does not reach the defect of guiding the fire control radar and the fighter to intercept the incoming target. But many of these flaws have been overcome.

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The article published by the US National Interest magazine on April 7th said that advanced radar can indeed detect stealth fighters in the United States, because invisibility is only a means of delay detection and tracking, especially in the F-22 stealth fighters. It is easier to be detected by the meter wave radar in the state.

Therefore, the US advanced stealth fighters must be optimized to further reduce radar wave reflections from non-invisible parts such as aircraft tails and external devices. The article specifically mentions that China and Russia are stepping up the development of UHF and UHF (Mibo) radars to detect US stealth fighters, but it remains to be seen whether the quality of detection can target and guide missiles.

In addition, the quantum radar technology that China is studying is attracting the attention of the US. The National Interests magazine analyzed on March 10 that if the report is true, China's quantum radar will be able to implement high-quality detection of stealth aircraft. The question is whether China's quantum radar has truly achieved a technological breakthrough.
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Ma Xiaosong, a physicist at Nanjing University in China, told Hong Kong's South China Morning Post that in quantum radar, photons must have some form of quantum, such as upward or downward rotation. However, the quantum state is difficult to maintain, and it is easy to generate decoherence, which affects the effective detection distance of the quantum radar.

The South China Morning Post also reported that the China Electronics Technology Group has achieved technological breakthroughs in single-photon detectors. Once the technology is mature, China believes that it can be widely used in quantum radar technology.
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The National Interests magazine quoted Western defense industry officials as saying that the quantum radar system has not left the laboratory stage and is difficult to manufacture. However, the ability to detect low-frequency radars of stealth aircraft should be a more practical option. The China Electronics Technology Group tested low-frequency radars at a detection distance of about 60 miles last year and was able to achieve "weapon quality tracking" for stealth aircraft.

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