The TRUTH About SerpentZA (China Vlogger) - What He DOESN'T Want You To Know

in china •  last year

The True Story of SerpentZA:

The shocking truth that most of you might not know.

Winston Sterzel, otherwise known as SerpentZA, is known around the world as being the "original China vlogger".

This self-appointed title is one that has shaped the opinions of many in regards to China.

His perspective is eye opening, and counters a lot of pre-conceived notions that many have about this country, but does it mean that he is the be all and end all of what it is like to live in China?

When you know his true backstory, you may change your mind.

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For those of you who haven't seen it on YouTube yet, this is a parody... I feel sad I have to explain that

I watched this video on YouTube when you posted it there. Found it hilarious. Nice narration.

Welcome back to Steemit


Thank you, I will try posting here daily