Why China Is Growing Way To Fast.

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During the 19th century china has only seen a hip of humiliation from the western world being defeated in war , slow economic growth, famine and worst of all a rising population.

But cleverly a communist nation was able to rise to it's feet due to a great leadership from president. xi jin ping,
unlike America that uses very aggressive and violent tactics to concer the world china has introduced itself to the world as a soft power , ready to work with any state irregardless of it's view to the world.

whether it's a dictator like kim jon u, that is called "rocket man" from the US or Zimbabwe an example of a failed state in the view of the US and it's allies or even Russia to china it all doesn't matter who is in power.

Their approach has slowly made US very weak , further more china's $18 TRILLION of the US debt that's a huge leverage against America.

China has also made the cost of manufacturing of goods a fraction .

Making It the worlds manufacturing centre almost everything noways is made in china.

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