China’s Silicon Valley

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This is the silicon valley of China. For every major American App, China has an equal rival that can compete with it in every way. You just can’t ignore the fact that China is doing very well in terms of technological advancement and to make it even worse, China built a mighty firewall to block popular American apps like Google, NetFlix, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. If you ever visit China, you will see an internet that looks VERY DIFFERENT from the one you are used to and it’s going to take you a while to adapt. Chinese government have censored most of these apps in order to favor their own. Afterall, China has the highest population in the world and they intend to take advantage of it. This post shows various applications that are designed to rival popular American companies but be that as it may, the biggest Tech companies are still in America.

UBER was forced to quit China after after very serious price war.
DiDi is China’s homemade version of UBER and as usual, DiDi crashed the price making it unprofitable for UBER. The ride-hailing giant beat its American counterpart out of China and took over UBER’s assets in China.


Google rules the West and also the world but when it comes to China, an average Chinese will ask you, “WTF is Google ?” Lol, I’m not joking it’s true. Baidu search engine is the GOOGLE of China and also the most popular site in the country and it operates several tangential services, including tools for maps and cloud storage. It’s also working on Artificial Intelligence and developing it’s own self driving car just like WAYMO.


Alibaba is China’s own Amazon and according to FORBES, Alibaba is more profitable than Amazon and to be honest, I love Alibaba way more than Amazon because things are cheaper on Alibaba/Aliexpress than on Amazon. This is the only Chinese version of company I love more than it’s American counterpart. It was founded by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma and sells everything Amazon sells. There’s nothing you will find on Amazon you won’t find on Alibaba or at least the Chinese version of it.


Chinese government banned YOUTUBE in China. The same way Google owns YouTube, that’s the same way Alibaba owns Youku but trust me, you will NEVER enjoy Youku the same way you enjoy YouTube. YouTube has way more content than the so called Youku will ever have.

  1. WeChat vs FaceBook

WeChat was built in 2011 to rival Facebook and it has done a very good job. It is almost as powerful as facebook if not more powerful and has over 1 billion active users around the world. It is loaded with so many exciting features, Once you’re inside WeChat’s app, you can hail a cab, manage your credit card bills, video calls, video games, check the news, watch videos and more, all from within the main app. It’s this app-within-an-app functionality that has led WeChat to find success. WeChat is almost like a browser, with each individual official account acting like a web page.


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