Corona Virus Outbreak – List of Important Information

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The Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak has caused immense global impact as the virus spreads internationally, hitting different counties in America, Europe and Australia. The Virus is known to spread from human-to-human, with initial spreaders not having symptoms of pneumonia or fever. This presents a large problem with the containment of the virus, as spreaders can unknowingly infect others in close proximity. The virus is 96% similar to Bat Corona Virus and also 79.5% similar to SARS-CoV (2003) and in the same family as MERS-CoV. This has led to a global media coverage and raised awareness of methods to prevent the spread of this disease. However, there has also been a huge amount of fake news and misinformation being spread on this issue. This is an updated list of reputable news sources detailing what’s really happening with the Wuhan Virus.