Large collapse for Huawei sales in China!!

in #china3 years ago

🔴 The effects of economic war between China and the United States of America, which reflected the commercial penalties that have been highlighted on Huawei, which have been concerned with the Chinese giant, which has been in recent years between three largest smartphone manufacturers, but are currently a continuous collapse Although the end of US President Donald Trump, the effects of decisions imposing a comprehensive ban on Huawei China remains to cast it on the company, not only in the global market, but as well as in China itself and formed for years.

🔴 and according to a new report of the "Counterpoint Research", the share of Huawei from the Chinese market, which was in the first third of last year, up to 41 percent, which is no longer in the first third of this year.

🔴 Huawei is trying to overcome sanctions by carrying out a number of steps, including industry some of its smartphones and is the components that prevented the company from buying them from their foreign suppliers because they contain US technologies, as well as launching an operating system.

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