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The technological era has created the use of cryptocurrencies and the mainstream society is skeptical about its usage and adaptation. Cryptocurrency is presently treated like the internet when it was first invented. A lot of people have doubts and were skeptical about its usage 40 years ago. Today, our lives revolve around it and people cannot imagine life without the internet.

The cryptocurrency has come a lot way with regards to popularity and acceptance. The cryptocurrency market is witnessing an exponential influx of funds by investors. This is an indication that it is gradually been accepted. More cryptocurrencies are created and more cryptocurrency exchange market place is built for people are beginning to see the value in cryptocurrencies and the usefulness behind the blockchain technology.

The cryptocurrency market place is growing by the day and is expected to rise by 50% in 2019. Various sectors such as financial institutions, e-commerce businesses, media, supply chain management, logistics delivery, sports, and health care to mention just a few are moving to the groundbreaking decentralized blockchain technology. The decentralized blockchain technology has harnessed the crypto economy to all aspect of our lives and is solving problems experienced with the traditional way of doing things hence the increase in cryptocurrency usage.

The need to spend this cryptocurrency in real life is crucial for massive adaptation. The crypto user‘s fear is how to spend his cryptocurrency since it is virtual. On a large scale, it is only a few online stores that accept bitcoins as the means of payment with most altcoins not considered. A lot of projects are being created on the blockchain technology to make it possible for crypto users to spend their cryptocurrencies. One of such projects is the Chimpion project. The Chimpion ecosystem has created a robust crypto e-commerce platform for merchants. It avails a decentralized ecosystem that is out to empower merchants by creating a suitable platform where cryptocurrencies can be spent for real-life purchases.

What is Chimpion?

Chimpion is an innovative and robust e-commerce ecosystem that is created to make available to the merchant, a crypto infrastructure that will enable crypto users to make purchases using their cryptocurrencies. The Chimpion technology allows merchants to integrate the cryptocurrencies as part of payment options on their e-commerce platform.

The Merchants using the Chimpion technology are able to set their preferred payment options to the cryptocurrency of their choice. The Chimpion ecosystem is created to give the user the best of two worlds by using cryptocurrencies or fiat cryptocurrency for his online shopping experience.

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The Chimpion project connects online shopping platforms to the cryptocurrency economy that is beneficial to all the stakeholders. Currently, there are shopping outlets that are using the Chimpion technology thereby making it easy and convenient to both the merchant and buyer on the platform. The benefits include but are not limited to:

1. To the Merchant

i. The Chimpion technology avails a robust technology that makes it possible for the merchant to receive and make payment in cryptocurrencies thereby eliminating high international transaction fees associated with the conventional means of payment for goods and services.

ii. The merchants that use the Chimpion technology on their e-commerce platforms has given to their users a wider range of payment options that include the cryptocurrency payment which is not found in many online shops.

iii. The Chimpion ecosystem has given merchant free access to all e-commerce services provided on the Chimpion technology by staking the CHIMP tokens.

iv. The merchants can easily convert their CHIMP tokens to fiat currency or cryptocurrencies of their choice after payment has been made for purchase by buyers.

v. The Chimpion platform creates an easy and convenient entry point for merchant shops to sell their products online globally with less stress and hassle.

vi. The platform eliminates the issues with chargeback fraud. Payment processed using cryptocurrency payment options cannot be reversed.

vii. The platform gives more exposure to the merchant in that it improves their search engine optimization (SEO). Buyers that search for shops accepting cryptocurrency will see them more easily.

2. To the Customers

i. The Chimpion platforms allow crypto users to spend their cryptocurrencies on real-life products through Chimpion powered online or physical stores.

ii. The Chimpion platform encourages the use of cryptocurrencies thereby paving way for massive adaptation to its usage.

iii. The Chimpion ecosystem has eliminated the need for crypto users to convert their altcoins to bitcoin then to fiat currency before they can spend them.

iv. The platform has created a safe, secure, easy, user-friendly and convenient environment for online shoppers which are also transparent, efficient and cost-effective from different merchant globally.

v. The platform avails rewards and incentivizes to loyal customers through their loyalty programs the BNANA coins.

vi. Users make payment on the Chimpion platform in real-time exchange rates. Cryptocurrencies rates are updated through an advanced API on the ecosystem.


he Chimpion platform has created a conducive environment that accepts cryptocurrencies as the means of payment in all e-commerce Chimpion powered online or physical stores globally. Merchant gets to choose their preferred base currency denomination that can be settled into fiat through a stable coin. The BCD BAZAAR, New Parts, Mark Jewelers, Mahones wallpaper Shops and Rosetta Coffe are currently Chimpion powered online stores.
The Chimpion project is a community-driven project and will not have an ICO. It will distribute free token to the community for wider exposure to the usage of the crypto-coin through loyalty rewards, dPOS rewards, and airdrops. The project is going on according to the project timeline.

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