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  1. It was seriously rainy
    You gotta know the rains of SouthWestern Nigeria sometimes
    We stepped down from the cab
    And going to another named locations.

  2. She asked me where I was going
    "I'm going to ABC" I replied
    "I'm going to XYZ" She replied under the rain.
    We sought for a shed and it was on a high land.

  3. I stepped forward to climb the (inclined) floor
    She followed me
    At a certain point
    She stretched her hand for a support
    I looked at her face.

  4. Instantly, I remembered the ANTI-CHIVALRY MESSAGE of our dear Aunty Chima.
    I wanted to neglect her hand,
    Preached it to her fervently and said;
    "Young Lady, have you not read the message?"

  5. But no time and the extrinsic environment wasn't conducive
    My hand was excited by my good heart
    I stretched it forward
    And we climbed the floor together.

  6. At the top where there was a shed
    She said; "Thank you" with a beautiful smile on her face.
    "You are welcome" I replied.

  7. The rain didn't stop as we thought
    I told her to let us go and looked for bus
    She was afraid
    But I gave her courage
    After about 5 minutes
    She agreed.

  8. We stepped down under the rain
    And followed the same path
    She was shouting
    I held her hand tight and motivating her till we reached the ground.

  9. I showed her a bus going to her destination.
    "Thank you", She said again under the rain.

The rest was a story

At a certain time, Women will always request the "Courteous behavior" (chivalry) from Men not because they are weak and Good Men like ALAO JAMIU OLADAYO will perpetually render it genuinely.

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