The Children, Our Future; Happy Children's Day!!!

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The 27th of May every year is dedicated to celebrate children in Nigeria. Children's day fell on a Sunday this year, 2018. So, Monday would be a public holiday for sake of Nigerian children who are very special. Like Whitney Houston, in her song - The Greatest Love , I believe the children are our future. Wishing Nigeria's future Happy Children's day!!!


How Do You See Children?

Every child is unique. The children you see today might be presidents, governors etc. and important people in the future. The surgeon who saved my life 3yrs ago was a child decades ago. Imagine that!
My little Winnie might just be the attorney who would defend you in court tomorrow.

Photo: My niece,Winifred, ( @trendyevent's daughter) and I.

Lead By Good Example

Children are very fast at copying what their role models do. I have experienced the 'copy cat' attitude of children many times. Lessons of benefits of being good role models were learnt during and after implementation of the following projects

  • Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) & HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care Project (NYSC/UNICEF sponsored)
  • National Immunization Days (NIDs) (WHO/NPI sponsored)
    Having worked for the cause of Nigerian children and youths, through the above named projects, I have learnt that the best way to get children to do what is right is to lead them by good example. Simply put, role modelling. What kind of role model are you? Let us all be good role models to the children, who are our future.

Invest in Children; @edusteem's Objective

The best form of investment is in the future of a nation. Who are the future? The Children, of course.
Team @edusteem (which I am a part of) have been investing in the education of Nigerian children. We reach out to Nigerian children in schools and donate to them steem branded exercise books and stationeries.


Before the end of Q2, 2018, the @edusteem team should be able to visit another school to donate books and stationeries to the children. Posterity would thank and remember you for the good investments you make in the lives of people, especially children. So, if you want your name to be written in the sands of time, investment in children would be a good way to go. You can partner with us in @edusteem to invest in the future of children.


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Your blog has been very beautiful Your blog has touched my mind Thank you very much for my so important post

It would be good if you let the author know how the post has "touched your mind", @riya99. Your comment could be mistaken for spam.

setiap kali saya melihat anak kecil, saya sangat ingin cepat mendapatkanya, terimakasih telah berbagi, salam sukses dari Indonesia

Children are the most adorable creature given to us by God to cares and to loved.....
Whatever they learn from us is what they will grow up with...... Children that comes from a broken homes;where the husband bury the wife daily will learn to be a violet child..
What they learns from us they gives us back in double....parents should learn to set a good examples worthy of emulation.......
The bible says it all "train up a child in the way he should go and when he grow old he will never depart from it" proverb 22"6

Awww what a wonderful day fun looking day.

I just hope technology does not consume every moment of their lives when they get older. That we leave them with something working trying to presume as far as the earth is concurred. I also hope a few of them to get to live off planet on the moon or even mars. The future and I hope the next generations future will be a very bright one. We just need to do our job of not messing up such opportunity for them so they can enjoy the wonder of life.

Woooowwwwwww, I call Winnie my learned colleague because she loves her cousin who is almost a lawyer. But since she had this deep cut in her hand 3 weeks ago which is still healing, I began to feel a little inner strength in her which could make her to be in the medical field. She stands to look at people been stitched, without fear. I'm confused but I know Winnie will touch lives in any field she chooses. She's bold and strong willed.
They all love big mummy, big aunty.
Children are indeed special.

Sometimes I wish I could remain as a child oo, but it is not just possible.
They are free from worries and issues of life.

Good luck with your project! Indeed, the children inherits the earth. We should make a better place for them. Let us give them the right tools and properly guide them. The right teachers and right nurturing will surely tap into their potentials and what they can become.

In Russia today, 1 June, the feast - Day of protection of children.
This holiday happens every year on the first day of summer.

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