Don't cut off the freedom of the child, if you don't want the child to be active

in children •  7 months ago 

Hi friends, there is something I want to say here, let your child imagine and do something as he wishes, do not force the will of us, so let them feel comfortable with what they want.


We as parents may direct a good path for him, especially for his future, but we as parents must also control and know the direction of the child and what he wants because we need to know what he is going through is actually also for his future, and I exemplify if we are a teacher profession and we also hope that the child will become a teacher in the future, but if the child wants to trade then don't stop him but give support and control so he can succeed in the trade field.

Let's give way to our children and do not cut the desires because we do not know and maybe what he did was the best for him.

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