CFS Steals Another Child....The Wrong Child.

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Child and Family Services (CFS) was developed as an arm of government to help children who are being abused, neglected and assaulted at the hands of an unfit parent. Crimes against a child are unforgivable and unfortunately, they happen far too often. CAS was founded to combat a very real problem but has since descended down a path that can be considered evil. CAS receives its funding to do its job. That means they receive their funding to remove children from their parents homes. Sure, there are times this is needed, but there are many documented cases of children being removed from a home when it is unnecessary and cases of parents being investigated for nothing, such as when a Winnipeg mother was investigated for letting her children play alone in her OWN backyard.

I have documented a lot of similar stories in my video "Children's Aid Society is Evil". Children's Aid Society (CAS) is Ontario's affiliate of the national CFS. In my video, I documented the stories of parents who had children removed from their homes, and experts who used to work in the field who blew the whistle o the practices involved in these government organizations, such as drugging up children so they are more easily controllable. There is also been a record of sexual abuses committed in the foster homes that many of these children are sent to either by CFS or the CAS

The reason I bring up these stories is because there is now been another documented case of a mother having her child ripped away from her. An article from how a Manitoba mother had just given birth and was recovering when social workers came and removed her child from her.

The allegations are that the mother had been abusing alcohol while pregnant, which she denies. There has been no proof that this is the case, yet she had her young baby stolen from her. The Indigenous mother was guilty until she could prove her innocence. The problem we have here is that the social workers will come in and remove children when there is no strong evidence for them to fall back on and in cases where there is evidence of abuse, they allow it to continue. I now would like to present to you the story of Nemis Golden, a 10 year old drag queen.

Nemis rose to fame in late 2017 during a Bianca Del Rio comedy set, when he was just 8 years old. Bianca Del Rio won the 6th season of Rupaul's Drag Race. Del Rio, when he saw Nemis, brough him up on stage for everyone to see. Since then, the LGBT community took notice of Nemis. Earlier in the week, Huck Magazine did an article on Namis, who goes by his drag name "Queen Lactacia" (lovely). Huck Magazine describes itself as a bi-montly magazine that explores different sub cultures.

The article contained enough pictures of Nemis that showed him wearing very sexualized clothes, such as fishnets stockings and even the cover photo has Nemis in the fishnets, sitting with legs completely spread apart with only the dress he is wearing covering is crotch. I don't think you can get more sexualized then that for a child his age. But what really has people outraged over the last couple days is a picture that did not make it into the article, for obvious reasons. The picture was uploaded to Nemis' Instagram account. This picture was border lining paedophilia, since it displayed Nemis next to a fully grown drag queen who was completely naked except for heels and a small piece of fabric covering his genitals.

This sort of degeneracy is unacceptable to subject a child of only 10 years old to. If they want photos of their drag models nude, fine, do what you want, but as soon as you bring children into the mix, you've crossed a line you can't come back from and this sort of behaviour warrants an investigation from the police and social workers to ensure that the child was not subjected to abuse, harassment or worse.
So far, I have not heard anything about this situation being pursued by law enforcement or other government agencies. It might be still too early for such a thing, so time will tell, but in this situation, we have a documented evidence of sexual exploitation and adult nudity around a child, especially in a work environment. In the first scenario, a woman just had an allegation of drinking while pregnant and that was enough to have police and CFS show up and remove the child promptly. This country needs to get its priorities straight. I have spoken before about the fact the presumption of innocence is disappearing but the problem is that that right is being eroded to those that need it the most, and those who have shown to violate the law or their moral duty have had their presumption of innocence maintained. When will this situation be resolved? When an allegation can take down a person and documented evidence is not enough, we have truly lost our moral compass as a country.

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