Children Are What Their Parents Mold Them To Be.

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Good day Steemains, welcome to my blog and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


We all know that children are the best gifts from God. That is why parents have to be careful while addressing their children.

By the time a baby starts growing and clocking the age of 1-4 years old, they starts saying back what you're saying to them, starts to be inquisitive, curious and wide open eyes about what is going on around them which their little minds cannot comprehend on but they want to know.


These are reasons why parents stopped swearing in front of their babies because they picked on words and says it back when you less expected it.

And by the age of 5-10years which are the crucial age, this is when they started going to school. During this period they starts to ask their parents questions out of the blue, impossible questions. Questions that might be difficults for parents to answer, they ask questions like "why is the sky so blue", "Why does the moon only comes out at night with the stars". They asked questions like this because they are beign inquisitive and because they are growing in mind and also in knowledge. These are period when every little thing the parents does they try to comprehend which has impact in their lives.


Parents should be their children greatest cheerleader and set good examples for them because whatever children will become in the future it depends on the parent.

If parents are the type that encourage their children, these children tends to be confident in their doings because they have their parents encouragement.


If parents are the type to criticize ,belittle and ridicule their children, these children tends to turn to be a bully. These are children that bullies other children in school because they wanted to feel good about themselves. Most parents are to be blamed for when children bullies, most times it's not these children's fault, they just wanted to do something that will make them feel good about themselves because whatever they do will never be good enough for their parents. While some of these children tends to shy away from participating in any school activities because they don't have their parents supports, and some kids do push themselves to prove their parents that they can do it and they are good enough.


If parents are the type that shows love to themselves, their children tends to be romantic and believe in love, this is because they wants what their parents has. Even when they dance to the tune of heartbreak, they will always bounce back because they believe in-love which they learn from their parents.


If parents are the type that fight each other all the time and blamed their children for their fights. These children tends to shy away from marriage because in their mind they believe that all marriages are like their parents own and they won't want to put their own children in the position they are in. Parents that fights in front of their children pushes these kids out to do drugs and joining bad gang because they wanted to forget what is going on in their homes.


If parents are the type that neglect their kids, these children are those that acts out. They finds trouble in school, won't do their homework given to them from school and bullies other kids, knowing that they will report back to their parents. While some will do everything possible like doing very good academically, participating in most all activities going on in school. All because they want to be noticed by their parents. These kids grew up to be lawbreakers or lawmakers.


If parents are the type that do drugs and alcohol ,these always has two effects, whether good or bad.

  • The bad effects is, some of these kids also turns to drugs because that's what they grew up seeing their parents do.
  • While the good effects is that some of these kids stays far away from any drugs or alcohol because they don't want to become their parents.


Parents should show their children love, encouraged them to chase their dreams, be their greatest cheerleader because whatever you do to them while they are still young will determines what they will become in the future when growing up.


Parents should train their children in the way they should go about in life because when they are older they won't depart from it.

Special thanks to @zoneboy for his support and introducing me to steemit. I appreciate you.

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You made a good call on children. Keep it up

Thank you

Children are really a source of joy and a gift from the almighty

Yes, exactly. Thanks for stopping by.

"Children Are What Their Parents Mold Them To Be" that true i concur

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