I miss my childhood

in #childhoodlast year

I miss my childhood. I wanted to be happy like other children. But what's up. No matter how much you want to fix some situations, you are subjected to the cruelty of time. It is spent not being able to say a word and complaining about the lost years.

My intention was to play games on the street like them and share in their joy, who knows. But we couldn't do it, no matter what, people always want to continue their life with good memories; The truth is, a lifetime is spent dreaming. After all these years, the only ones that don't disappear are maybe they have regrets. These are the regrets that seem simple but are never what they seem. I miss that childhood that I sighed from because of it, and even remained ukte inside me...

If they asked me, is there a recipe for a lifetime? I wouldn't hesitate to say this. Indescribable memories are actually beautiful. Those are the memories that you rewind and watch fondly again. Even though we knew what was described or what was not, we were late.

How many seasons have passed in my life. Believe me, I didn't count it, but if there is one thing I know, it is that my heart is cold, I was so cold that I couldn't even afford to warm it up. I didn't get anything. I shrugged, remained silent, unable to utter a single word. The heart would wish that one's life would be like spring. Let the birds flap their wings with the hopeless hope in their hearts and the happy look they give. Fly to the endless beauties. Heal our hearts with his voice. In fact, one should not forget for a moment that a flower does not bend its neck with a drop of water falling on the ground, not to give up despite all the negativities of life, to sail for joy.


For him, life is like a bird; You find yourself on long roads to reach your goal. You can't even imagine how many seasons it has been in the air. Every time he sets out, a reproach hidden inside emerges. Everything happens in the eye. It reflects because the pain, joy, hopes and sacrifices you make for the tree just so that a branch of the tree does not break come to mind, in short.

This is why the eyes are not just a map of the heart, but exist with some emotions that the past made you pay for. This is because when I was younger, what my peers did was yearning for everything that I couldn't even dare to do. In short, I miss my lost childhood and the purity attached to it.

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